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Ghost Fire Whimsicott by asuka-S Ghost Fire Whimsicott :iconasuka-s:asuka-S 2 1 Zattack Trainer Card-Pokemon OmegaRuby by asuka-S Zattack Trainer Card-Pokemon OmegaRuby :iconasuka-s:asuka-S 2 1 Zattack Trainer Card-Pokemon Red by asuka-S Zattack Trainer Card-Pokemon Red :iconasuka-s:asuka-S 0 0 Merasquito by asuka-S Merasquito :iconasuka-s:asuka-S 0 0 Zattack Trainer Card by asuka-S Zattack Trainer Card :iconasuka-s:asuka-S 0 0 Mega Shiki by asuka-S Mega Shiki :iconasuka-s:asuka-S 4 0 Mega Hanabi by asuka-S Mega Hanabi :iconasuka-s:asuka-S 0 0 Mega Kafuru by asuka-S Mega Kafuru :iconasuka-s:asuka-S 1 0 Zattack's Custom Icon by asuka-S Zattack's Custom Icon :iconasuka-s:asuka-S 0 0 Kise-Kane by asuka-S Kise-Kane :iconasuka-s:asuka-S 4 0 Dark Type Sylveon by asuka-S Dark Type Sylveon :iconasuka-s:asuka-S 4 0 Dark Type Sylveon by asuka-S Dark Type Sylveon :iconasuka-s:asuka-S 4 0 Fairy Type Darkrai by asuka-S Fairy Type Darkrai :iconasuka-s:asuka-S 0 0 Hibari's Pokemon Team by asuka-S Hibari's Pokemon Team :iconasuka-s:asuka-S 1 0 Miyabi's Pokemon Team by asuka-S Miyabi's Pokemon Team :iconasuka-s:asuka-S 2 0 Senran Kagura Estival Versus Layout by asuka-S Senran Kagura Estival Versus Layout :iconasuka-s:asuka-S 0 0


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Ghost Fire Whimsicott
Species: Poltergeist Pokemon
Type: Ghost-Fire
Dex Entry: When it slips into people's homes, it naturally tends to burn people's furniture, then giggles and takes off. 
Zattack Trainer Card-Pokemon OmegaRuby
Pretty much my Team for Pokemon OmegaRuby.

Team Rundown:
Starter: Geico (M Sceptile) w/ Rock Slide, Leaf Storm, Earthquake and Dragon Pulse. (I would prefer to have Earthquake on any non-fire Starters.)
Absinthe (M Gardevoir) w/Dazzling Gleam, Shadow Ball, Psychic and Focus Blast.
Bolt (M Manectric) w/ Thunder, Rain Dance, Ice Fang and Strength. 
Volcs (M Camerupt) w/ Earthquake, Solar Beam, Eruption and Rock Smash.
Sheer (M Absol (Shiny, Hopefully, if not, regular is cool.))  w/ Aerial Ace, Iron Tail, Dark Pulse and Cut.
and finally, Razor (M Sharpedo) w/ Surf, Bounce, Earthquake, and Crunch (Originally I was gonna give Sharpedo Poison Jab over Crunch, but then I learned of his Mega's Strong Jaw, so I scrapped that idea.)
Zattack Trainer Card-Pokemon Red
Pretty much my Team for Pokemon Red.

Team Rundown:
Starter: Bowser (Blastoise) w/Surf, Ice Beam, Earthquake and Strength.
Stone Cold (Primeape) w/Rock Slide, Submission, Seismic Toss, and Mega Punch.
Alakazam (No Nickname, since he was traded) w/Psychic, Recover, Seismic Toss, and Thunder Wave.
Edison (Jolteon) w/Thunderbolt, Flash, Thunder Wave, and Double Team(I know, Thunderbolt's his only attacking move.)
Arcanine (Seth) w/Flamethrower, Dragon Rage, Dig, and Take Down.
Vileplume (Bloomer) w/Cut, Acid, SolarBeam, and Sleep Powder. 
Blood Burner Pokémon
Type: Bug-Fire

Dex Entry (7): once it has sucked it's host's blood, it can boil even a human's blood to a crisp. 
Zattack Trainer Card
Shout out to Zephyros-Phoenix for the template, so I used it to create my custom Trainer Card.


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United States
I might be a Youtuber but I'm also an Artist!


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